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Aluminium Poly V Drive – Overview

Increased torque transmission for heavier loads / more positive drive.

Can be used for course zero line pressure, back filling accumulation or simple transport.

Also available in Painted Steel and Stainless Steel finish.

Key Features Benefits
Modular Design Truly independent beds. Easy to install and configure.
Multi Ribbed Poly V belts 2 or 3 ribbed belts available for optimum drive transmission.
Greater Torque Transmission This means heavier loads can be handled, or longer zones from fewer motorised rollers.
Fully Enclosed Belts Great operator safety and belt longevity as they are fully enclosed and protected from debris / contaminants.
Just one Motor Roller for very long runs * Improved economy for capital outlay and running costs.
  • Load/Speed Dependant


Roller Diameter Roller Pitch Standard Track Widths Standard Speeds
50mm 75mm, 100mma nd 150mm 412, 462, 512, 612, 762, 912 mm Up to 55 m/min

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