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Aluminium Lineshaft Powered Roller Conveyor – Rotating Blade Stop

Key Features

  • Available for XU60 and XU90 conveyor.
  • Speed up spools are supplied at the stop position to increase gaps between loads. Speed up jump chain assemblies can also be used for this application.
  • This type of stop is particularly useful where conveyor height is to be of a minimum and in two tier systems.
  • Incorporates single acting spring return pneumatic air cylinders.
  • XU60 upto and including 512mm are fitted with single cylinders, 612mm and 762mm are fitted with twin cylinders.
  • XU90 fitted with twin cylinders as standard.
  • Total air consumption for each operation per cylinder – 0.24 litres.
  • This stop unit has a full width blade and is designed to fit into any straight track position.
  • Maximum product weight 15Kg.
  • Standard widths available: XU60 – 412mm, 462mm and 512mm, XU90 – 412mm, 462mm, 512mm, 612mm and 762mm.



Lineshaft Powered Roller Range