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Aluminium Gravity Roller Conveyor – Support Stands


Various height ranges available to suit our range of aluminium conveyors.  Please refer to Technical Information.

Technical Information


Having rectangular hollow section telescopic legs with screwed foot to give infinite adjustment between the minimum and maximum support height ranges shown below.

Top of stand heights:

  • 310 to   420mm.
  • 420 to   565mm.
  • 565 to   880mm.
  • 800 to 1080mm.
  • 1040 to 1330mm.

Please note, all stands above 1000mm would be supplied mild steel, powder coated.


The upright legs are of ‘UNI-STRUT’ type section, which gives the facility for infinite height and adjustment throughout the length of the leg. The foot plate is fixed and has no screw adjustment. The crossbrace is manufactured from circular hollow section and fitted with a special clamp plate to provide a change of angle if necessary.

  • Support stands should be fitted at each joint for XU30 and XU60 conveyor and at mid-point of 90° bends.
  • For XU90, ZTL and ZTM gravity conveyors, supports should be fitted at maximum 1.5 metre centres.
  • For CTH gravity conveyor, supports should be fitted with a heavy duty support  (not shown).
  • For high level support stands or multi-tier stands, please contact our Sales Office.
  • Heavier duty high level supports are available as a made to order item.

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