Conveyor Spares

Conveyor Rollers


Controlling the Flow

Vertical Blade Stop

verticle blade stop

  • Can be incorporated into any straight track position inbetween roller pitchings on XU60 and XU90 conveyors.
  • Inclusive of double acting pneumatic air cylinder fitted with flow regulators.
Line Brake

line brake conveyor

  • A pneumatically operated friction pad stops the rollers and gives a negative line pressure over a standard length of 890mm.
  • Includes two pneumatic thrusters.

Transfer Elements

Chain Transfer

chain transfer conveyor units

  • Twin or triple chain units available.
  • Steel or polysteel chain.
  • Double width unit available.
  • With double acting pneumatic air cylinders fitted with flow regulators.
Belt Transfer

belt transfer conveyor

  • Flat toothed, rubber – backed for optimum product grip, truly endless timing belt.
  • Self driven from SEW motor unit.
  • Maximum frequency of operation is 25 operations per minute.
  • Also available as a triple-band.
Pusher Unit

pusher unit

  • Includes rodless pneumatic cylinder.
  • Suitable for moving loads of 25Kg.


Switching and Merging

Switch Sorter

switch sorter

  •  Minimum product size 200mm by 200mm.
  • Pneumatically Operated 45° Switching Angle.
30° Merge Section

merge section conveyor

  • Right or left hand.
  • Available widths: 362 – 762mm.
  • Intermediate rollers available.

Inclines / Declines

Belt Conveyors
  • Designed to match the uni-xu Powered Roller Range.
  • Steel skid or roller deck.
  • Easily maintained.
  • Full steel under guarding fitted as standard.
  • Full range of belt types for all applications.
Incline / Decline Conveyor
  • Geared Motor Units.
  • End Drive.
  • End Tension.
  • Terminal End.
  • Intermediate Drive.
  • Nose-Over.
  • Change of Direction.









Motorised Roller Bend
  • All bends have taper plastic sleeved rollers.
  • Heavy duty belts are used throughout.
  • A steel grooved insert is used at the drive belt position.
  • Available in 30, 45, 60 & 90° angles.
  • All bends have true tapered rollers to ensure correct product orientation.

Accessibility                                                 Positioning

Lift Up Gate Section

lift up gate conveyor

  • Standard gate sections give 900mm clear access.
  • Spring assisted lift.
  • Available in 362 to 762 widths.
  • Fitted with plastic rollers powered by a motorised roller.
Pack Positioning Unit

pack positioning

  • Fitted with angled rollers which guide loads to any side of the conveyor and within reach of bar code scanners.