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OEM Spares and Accessories

OEM Conveyor Spares and accessories

We understand that downtime is not a good time for any business and that’s why we are dedicated to providing a full range of high-quality OEM spares. 

Buy Your Spare Parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer & Optimise Your Operating Efficiency with our Rollers and Parts Service Guarantee.

You don’t need to suffer the losses associated with costly downtime.

…Because we have A full range of OEM spares for our Conveyor Units Systems – available right off the shelf. And with many of our spares and accessories available immediately from stock, we can help ensure that you achieve maximum lifecycle and minimal business disruption from your Conveyor Units product.

Avoid invalidating your original warranty.

Not only can non-genuine spare parts cause damage to your machine, but they can also result in lower performance and invalidate your Conveyor Unit’s warranty. All in all, the potential results are almost always negative.

Conveyor Units. Spares

Purchasing genuine OEM Conveyor Units Parts will give you peace of mind that your machine’s performance won’t be compromised and can cost less than you think.

Conveyor Spares

As well as spares for the Conveyor Units Range, we also produce an extensive range of stock components suitable for many other named conveyors, again competitively priced, and have gained a reputation for supplying high quality competitively priced rollers and spares to all aspects of the material handling industry.

  • Powered Roller Conveyors
  • Motorised Roller Conveyors
  • Belt Under Roller Conveyors
  • Post & Parcel Conveyors
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Pallet Conveyors
  • Gravity Conveyors
  • Flexible Conveyors

Other proprietary items such as electric motors, pneumatic cylinders and transmission timing belts are sourced from reputable suppliers and since we purchase in high quantity, we can pass these savings on to you.

Meeting your needs. Quickly.

We have a high degree of standardisation in our systems which means we can guarantee a particularly rapid and reliable spare parts service to meet the end-user’s needs with speed and ease.

Remember; by buying replacement parts from the original equipment manufacturer you are helping to ensure that the equipment stays in prime condition, optimizing the operating efficiency of your system.

Conveyor Units. OEM SPARES

Optimise Your Operating Efficiency

With our Rollers and Parts Service Guarantee, We have, over many years, gained a reputation for supplying high quality and competitively priced rollers and spares to all aspects of the material handling industry.

Our products and the spares support that we offer are trusted by many of the biggest logistics and material handling brands in the UK and throughout wider Europe. 

Conveyor Units. Spares

A full range of rollers and spares…

We are not only the largest conveyor manufacturer in the UK, but also the largest roller manufacturer, producing in excess of a million rollers every year.

We source and purchase only the best raw materials directly from the mills – and in vast quantities – in excess of 300km of 50mm diameter steel tubing every year. This means that not only does it allow us to constantly meet order commitments, but it also makes our pricing extremely competitive.

…And we do all of this to ensure that we provide customer service that is unrivalled in the industry.

Conveyor Units. Grroved Rollers. Spares. Accessories.

  • Our current range of rollers includes:
  • Gravity Rollers
  • Plastic Rollers
  • Stainless Steel Rollers
  • Grooved Rollers
  • Tapered Rollers
  • Sprocketed Rollers
  • Belt Conveyor Rollers

…as well as an extensive range of specialised rollers. 

Our rolling products keep your products rolling. …And we’re here to help.

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