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Conveyor Units new ‘C channel’ profile offers numerous benefits to all who deal with our conveyors – from System Integrators, Installation Teams to End Users.

The section maintains its rigid 2.5mm thickness and durable powder coat painted finish and is now formed into an effective ‘C’ section 175.5mm x 40mm having return folds for to retention of the facia.  The ‘C’ channel conveyors not only incorporate all of the ancillary items currently available in the ‘Z’ section format,  it now offers the space to house motorised roller circuit boards, air pipe and electrical cables on either, or even both, sides of a conveyor.

Key benefits at a glance:

Clean Contours

The streamlined design of the ‘C’ section and fascia provides a crisp, clean appearance which is aesthetically pleasing.

Concealed Cables

‘C’ section design forms the perfect channel to run and hide necessary cabling and wiring behind the simple plastic fascia, making it both quicker and easier for integrators to install on site.  Having the ‘C’ channel on both sides means one side can be used for high voltage cables and the other for low voltage cables, if desired.

Clever Clips

Cables are held in place by a bespoke cable clip which are easy to install and hold the cabling in place.

Common CAD Blocks

A common punch pattern across all product lines means accessories will fit across product lines.


The ‘C’ section’s integral fascia channel negates the existing practice and cost of producing a fascia support bracket and folding of special ‘Z’ section frame to accept fascia.  Also by running cables inside the conveyor channels, trunking runs to be installed on site can be drastically reduced and even eliminated. Quicker installation and reduced installation costs are the result.

Customer Colours

Sideframes can be powder coated to suit your client’s corporate colour.


The C channel range comes with integral track joining flats giving perfect alignment and a strong connection between conveyor frames.

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