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CU Sort – All Angle Transfer & Divert Station

The versatile and scalable transfer and sortation module targeted at e-commerce business requirements.

It uses a unique multi-belt-system for sorting all your small e-commerce products at all angles and in all directions.

1.  Multi Divert Belt Conveyors:  Robust dual ply textured cross belt drives sections of balls to move product left or right. (One, Two, triple or quad belt option available).
2.  24V Divert Belt Drive Rollers:  High transmission rubber lagged roller with track groove.
3.  24V Network Control Modules:  (Each with 2 x motor ports and 2 x sensor ports).
4.  Low Friction Bed:  Under each divert belt.
5.  24V NonaDrive:  Unique nine sided 24V dual-drive ensures positive direct-drive of the modular belt.
6.  Multi Directional Ball Belt:  Integral freely rotating balls allows product to be directed in any direction.  Close ball pitch of 25mm allows small and flexible packages like jiffy bags as small as 100mm to be transported with ease. Fully integrated ball sockets ensures high tensile strength and resistance to dirt and contaminants.
7.  Divert Belt Tensioning:  Tensioning is automatically maintained with gas springs.

Features and Benefits

  • Small ball pitch (only 25mm) – this means small packages, jiffy bags, bagged product can be sorted with ease.
  • High throughput with multiple belts – increasing your sort rates.
  • Weight of product(s) up to 30Kg.  (Loads over 22Kg must be longer than 500mm).
  • Truly versatile – being able to divert and merge in products from all angles up to 90 degrees.
  • Can be introduced into existing systems.
  • All 24V – meaning no pneumatics, easy controls integration and low energy consumption.
  • Low noise ensuring user satisfaction.
  • Patent pending NonaDRIVE technology – ensures that the modular ball belt moves truly synchronously with the drive for more accurate product positioning / tracking.




Technical Information

Unit Specification Feature
Module Height 200mm (Frame bottom to top of balls)
Frame Construction 12 ga fabricated steel, bolted construction with welded butt couplings
Paint Finish Electrostatically applied powder coating
Paint Colours Standard in gloss black, custom colours available
Drive Technology 24V MDR (Motorised Drive Roller) from PulseRoller
Modular Ball Belt Drive Unique 9 sided synchronous NonaDrive
Diverter Belt Drive Lagged MDR, dual or single motor available
Diverter Belt Tensioning Automatic, gas spring (no adjustments required)
Diverter Belt Construction Ultra-flat Baltic Birch with SD-UHMW slider bed with ball chain transition guide, bolt-together, PVC or urethane belting
Controls Networks Supported Ethernet I/P, Modbus TCP, Profinet I/O, CC-Link IE Field Basic
Supply Voltage 24V DC
Power Supply 600 Watt 24V switched mode, smoothed 10% ripple max
Power Cabling Power cabling should be sized to ensure 24V +/- 10% @ each control module.  Control modules can be supplied with either SINGLE or DUAL supplies for emergency stop switching of the motor power only.
Diverting Modes 90 Degree (stop and divert) or divert-on-the fly (vector angle)
Side Cover Bolt-on steel or polycarbonate
Network Cabling Industry standard CAT5 ethernet cables
90 Degree Divert Sort Rate Varies with unit size, approx up to 2,400 cartons per hour (300mm x 300mm)
On-The-Fly Vector Angle Sort Rate Varies with unit size, approx up to 5,000 cartons per hour (300mm x 300mm – consult sales for throughput rate calculations)