NewsTrack February 2017

February 21, 2017

Following its successful launch at IMHX in September last year, sales of the new ‘C’ Section Conveyor range have exceeded all expectations, tipping well over the £2 million mark at the beginning of February 2017!

Given the unique benefits the ‘C’ profile has to offer over the old style ‘Z’ frame it’s hardly surprising that it has become the frame of choice for many of our Integrator customers. Providing space to house motorised roller circuit boards, air pipe and electrical cables on either, or even both, sides of a conveyor and reducing installation and maintenance times as well as costs. This endorsement has led us to announce that as of 1st March 2017 all new orders received will be supplied with the new ‘C’ section profile as standard.

This design change encompasses Lineshaft, Motorised Roller ‘O’ and Poly V, Belt Under Roller, Belt and Gravity Conveyors complete with all the associated ancillary units, giving a truly aesthetic clean line finish across our product range. That isn’t to say that we will no longer supply the old style ‘Z’ frame, but this would be on a ‘request’ basis only.

For those unable to attend IMHX the Exhibition Circuit is now housed in our Demonstration and Conferencing facilities and can be viewed by you and your End User customers at your convenience. In addition to the new profile, the system also includes a Product Combiner, Post and Parcel Switch Sorter and Belt Conveyors, Poly V Conveyors and Accumulating Flexible Conveyors. The system has been designed to run in both Accumulation and Sortation modes.

Download the full NewsTrack Release here