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Painted Steel 24V DC Powered Conveyor – Transport & Zero Line Pressure Overview

Reduce your on-site installation time

Conveyor Units ZoneLogix PRO™ 24V DC conveyor system is the next leap forward in 24V zero line pressure conveying.  Coming pre-wired from the factory, installation time on site is massively reduced.  With remotely programmable control boards that each have 6 smart inputs/outputs, site cabling to other field devices is also drastically reduced, as is system commissioning time.  With extensive control functionality, choices of motor power and a unique scalable controls platform this product services all applications from the most simple to the most complex.

Zero Line Pressure Conveying

Available in Round Belt or Poly V belt drive, the 24V Zero Line Pressure Powered Conveyor range offers almost silent running and the right drive solution for the application. The brushless and gearless 24V DC motors sit beneath the conveyor rollers and are thus protected from any impact loads.

Key Features Benefits
Pre-wired with 35 Amp capacity cables. Number of locations where power is to be supplied is reduced to just 1 in every 20 zones.  (Based on the UD035 motor).
Six ‘Smart’ Inputs/Outputs per card. Integration of field devices with no extra wiring.
Self-Learning Control Cards means quick and simple replacements. Cards, if replaced, will automatically adopt the settings for that zone. No need to re-program.
Just two motors cover all conveyor widths an d the entire speed range. Minimal spare parts to keep in stock.
Two motors to choose from: The ability to use the power you  need and no more.  Lowers energy use and power supply size requirements.
The UD035 which gives 12-35W of output power.
The UD060 which gives 12-60W of output power.
Plug Connections. Minimal cable preparations required on site.  Robust and reliable connections.  Wiring fault elimination. Installation cost savings.  System reliability.
Single point programming. Plug in ‘Branch Monitor’ permits easy and intuitive system set up.  It can remain on the system for monitoring or be an Ethernet IP gateway to a PLC, or simply be used to set up the conveyor and then be removed.

24V DC Powered Conveyor Range