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Painted Steel Belt Under Roller – Switch Sorter


  • ‘C’ section framework, 175.5mm x 40mm having return folds for to retention of the facia.
  • ‘Z’ section framework, 178mm x 32mm x 2.5mm fully jig welded ‘Z’ section framework.
  • Independently driven from a 0.37 kW SEW motor, to give either 60 metresor 110 metres per minute maximum linespeed over sorter wheels.
  • Multiple operation: ‘straight ahead’, ‘switch left’ and ‘switch right’.
  • Minimum product size 200mm x 200mm.
  • Pneumatically operated 45 degree switching angle.
  • Normally used in conjunction with a 45 degree mitre section. Other options are available
  • 50kg maximum product weight per switch sorter.
  • We recommend that an inverter is fitted to the gearbox to enable fine tuning of the speed that will be required to suit your application.
  • Standard widths available: 462mm, 612mm, 762mm and 912mm.

Technical Information

45° divert unit capable of switching upto 50 packs per minute.

Sorter Size (mm) Product Minimum (mm) Product Maximum (mm) Product per Hour Max
462 200 x 200 350W x 520L 3000
612 200 x 200 500W x 500L 3000
762 200 x 200 600W x 600L 3000
912 200 x 200 750W x 750L 3000

Belt Under Roller Range