Conveyor Spares

Conveyor Rollers

Painted Steel Gravity Roller Flexible Conveyor


Very easy to quickly manoeuvre in or out of trucks for faster, safer, easier loading and unloading.

  • Standard conveyor widths of 450mm, 600mm 750mm or 900mm.
  • Support legs are fully adjustable from 750mm to 1035mm.  Other heights available upon request.
  • 250Kg load capacity per linear metre based on a level working height.
  • All support legs have welded braces for additional strength and rigidity.
  • Heavy duty castors – 125mm x 36mm swivel castors for maximum manoeuvrability.  The castor wheel incorporates a foot operated brake.
  • Roller centres – 125mm as standard when the conveyor is fully extended.  Optional 75mm and 100mm roller centres can br supplied for the conveying of smaller packages or cartons.  Please note optional roller centres will affect the conveyor compacted length.

Standard Length Compacted to Expanded.

1.33 metre – 3.75 metre
2.62 metre – 7.50 metre
3.91 metre – 11.25 metre
5.20 metre – 15.00 metre
6.92 metre – 17.50 metre

Technical Information

Type Load Conveyor Widths Dia. Rollers
Gravity 250kg per linear metre* 450, 600, 750 or 900mm 40mm

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