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Rigid Impact Carts

Normally fitted at the load point of a conveyor, the Heavy Duty Impact Cart is supplied with strengthened side plates, 50mm x 3mm wall rollers, additional support at mid-point and additional bracings.

  • Standard length of Cart is 1.25 metres (125mm pitch) 1.00 metre (100mm pitch) and 0.75 metres (75mm pitch).
  • Can be supplied as a Flexible Impact Section by removing the bracings.

LED Lighting

LED lights can be fitted as an optional extra and are useful when unloading products inside lorries or unlit factory areas.

Smart Optics

The Smart Optic comprises a Sensor which is normally fitted in the last conveyor Zone at the Discharge end.  When the product covers the Sensor, all motors along the conveyor length automatically stop, then restart upon product removal.

  • Smart Optics can be positioned at both ends of the conveyor if reversible conveyors are required.
  • Deactivation of the Smart Optic Sensor can be achieved by means of a Turn-Switch located on the Panel, thus making the conveyor a transportation conveyor only.

Guard Rail

Further protection of the product can be achieved via a Sideguard Bracket Assembly.

Here a single Side Guard Bearing is mounted to the roller end via a 60mm high bracket.  This has the advantage of maintaining complete conveyor flexibility.


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