New Conveyor Ranges Launched at IMHX 2016

October 13, 2016

Conveyor Units is proud to be launching four new product ranges at IMHX 2016.

The new product ranges include the new C Channel Conveyor, featuring a new streamlined design, a Rigid & durable frame with easy retention and concealment of cables, along with a quicker installation time. The Poly V Motorised Conveyor can run up to 90 metres per minute, features plug and play connectivity as well as fewer drive rollers and a greater torque transmission.

The Post & Parcel Belt Conveyor benefits from a heavy duty build with re-inforced steel skid decks, 80 Kg/m and drives up to 3kW. Finally, the Post & Parcel Switch Sorter, which also benefits from a heavy duty build, can handle 4000 units per hour with 6 independent drive zones, up to 80 Kg/m as well as an effective speed control.

You can download our IMHX E-Shot by clicking the image below to learn more about these new products.

Click image to download the E-Shot