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Painted Steel Post & Parcel – Overview

Designed specifically to meet the exacting standards of a hugely demanding Post and Parcel handling industry, our new range of Belt Conveyors and multi-functioning Switch Sorter units provide the robust, efficient and precise product movement this sector insists upon.  Conveying a variety of shapes, sizes and loads up to 80Kg/Metre, this high performance, reliable range of equipment is modular in design, providing easy installation and integration across the UNI-XU® range of products. Maintenance access is quick and simple.


  • Designed specifically for the high demands of the Post and Parcel Handling market.
  • Exceptionally robust.
  • Modular in design. Truly independent beds are easy to install and configure.
  • Range includes Belt, Sorters, Mitres, Lineshaft on Heavy Duty Mobile Frames and Heavy Duty Gravity Conveyor.
Key Post and Parcel Belt Conveyor Features Benefits
Modular Design Truly independent beds. Easy to install and configure.
3mm thick steel skid decks Capable of handling loads up to 80kg/m
Direct Drive from motors up to 3kW in power Ease of motor change, no chains and sprockets to wear and capable of long runs / heavy loads.
100 mm dia End Terminal Rollers High strength while handling small loads.
Fixed – non rotating – bosses on End Terminals Improved operator safety.
Change of Direction chain transmission can be either side. Ease of access for maintenance.
Rubber Lagged drive drums. Positive non slip drive transmission.
Key Post and Parcel Switch Sorter Features Benefits
Modular Design Truly independent beds. Easy to install and configure.
Sort up to 4200 parcels per hour Increased parcel handling capacity.
Wheel pattern split into 6 independent zones Multi-function capability of divert, merge, centralise, pre-sort.
230 / 400 V AC drives AC drives provide increased, controllable, drive to both rollers and wheels when used with frequency inverters.
Key Post and Parcel Underslung AC Motor Drive Conveyor Features Benefits
Underslung Motor Gearboxes drive small dedicated sections of the conveyor. Enables individual control over small zones of the conveyor.
Common parts used between modules. Common and fewer spares required.
No timing belts, chains or sprockets. Reduced maintenance.
Strong, quiet drive to top rollers. Positive drive for packages of a wide weight range and giving a quiet working environment for operators.
Strong 0.09kW of power from each drive (0.37kW on rubber taper roller bend). When driven with inverters, desired speed can be well maintained which aids accurate product tracking.
Bend rollers are available with either plastic or rubber true taper rollers. ABS plastic offers impact resistance and durability.  Rubber covered provides greater level of grip and positive control of product speed – required when tracking products.

Ancillary modules include:

  • Post & Parcel Belt Conveyor
  • Post & Parcel Switch Sorter
  • Underslung AC Motor Straight / Mitre.
  • Underslung AC Plastic & Rubber Roller Bends.
  • Post & Parcel Heavy Duty Gravity Roller Conveyor.
  • Post & Parcel Mitres
  • Post & Parcel Lineshaft on mobile base (straights and curves).

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Post & Parcel Conveyor Range