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Painted Steel Motorised Roller Conveyor – Electric Transfers

Key Features

  • Belts:  16mm wide.
  • Lift:  24V DC: 40W.
  • Belt Drive:  24V DC: 12-60W.
  • Belt Speed:  Adjustable up to 110 m/min (1.84 m/sec).
  • Transfer Rate:  Up to 25 cases per minute = 1500 cases per hour.
  • Frame Options:  Powder Coated Steel.
  • Widths Available:  462mm, 512mm, 612mm, 762mm, 912mm inside track width (other widths available on request).
  • Variants Available:  2, 3 and 4 strand (other available on request).
  • Ease of Maintenance:  Clever design means a wing/belt change is possible in just minutes.

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