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Painted Steel Pallet Handling Conveyor – Roller Transfers


  • Self contained units, which can be fitted to a new or existing chain conveyor straight.
  • The pop-up roller transfer is powered by two motorised rollers.
  • Load capacity of 1500kg per pallet.
  • Nominal roller pitch of 150mm for all pallet types, offering exceptional support for pallets during the transfer operation.
  • Electric lift action.
  • 4mm thick side channels.
  • 3mm thick roller.
  • Available to fit twin and triple strand chain straights.
  • Range of top of roller heights available from 500mm – 1100mm when transfer down (550mm – 1150mm when transfer up).
  • Pallet size – 1200mm leading edge, 1000mm long on in-feed chain conveyor.  800mm / 1000mm leading edge x 1200mm long on the roller transfer.
  • Speeds available – 12 and 18 metres per minute.
  • Up to 234 pallet transfers per hour.
  • Motors supplied braked as standard.



Technical Information

Lift Motor  
Motor Power (kW) Full Load Current (A)
0.75 1.9

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