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Painted Steel Pallet Handling Conveyor – Side Load / Offload Roller Conveyor


  • Low, slim and strong 6mm thick channel on one side to facilitate easy access by Fork Lift Truck.
  • 5mm thick steel rollers for impact resistance.
  • Rollers tangentially driven by 5/8″ simplex chain in a fully enclosed side channel.
  • Offers minimum backlash, easy tensioning.
  • Load capacity of 1500kg per pallet – straight modules are available to  handle up to 4500kg total conveyor load.
  • Chain tension adjusted quickly without removing guards.
  • 150mm or 200mm roller pitch.
  • Ability to run cables in non-drive channel with fascia to close section off.
  • Ability to fit photocells anywhere along frame via clamp brackets.
  • Range of height available from 425mm – 1150mm top of roller.
  • Motors available – 0.37 kW, 0.55 kW, 1.1 kW and 1.5kW.
  • Standard lengths available – 1500mm and 3000mm.
  • Pallet size – 800mm wide x 1200mm long (1000Kg)/1000mm wide x 1200mm long (1500Kg).
  • Speeds available – 12 and 18 metres per minute.
  • Motors supplied non braked as standard. (Braked also available).

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