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Painted Steel Powered Roller Lineshaft Conveyor – Belt Transfer Unit


  • Available for XU30, XU60 and XU90.
  • ‘C’ section framework, 176mm x 40mm x 2.5mm having return folds for to retention of the facia.
  • ‘Z’ section framework, 178mm x 32mm x 2.5mm fully jig welded ‘Z’ section framework.
  • The minimum belt centres are 150mm.
  • Maximum of 25 operations per minute.
  • Maximum capacity is 15kg per belt strand up to a total of 45kg.
  • Independently driven from a geared motor unit via pulleys on a separate shaft.
  • The rise and fall of chains is actuated by a double acting pneumatic cylinder(s).
  • Available in twin or triple belt transfers.
  • Polyurethane truly endless belt with co-extruded backing.
  • Total air consumption per operation 1.04 litres per cylinder.
  • Standard widths available: 412mm, 462mm, 512mm, 612mm, 762mm and 912mm. Other widths available on request.



Lineshaft Powered Roller Range